Corporate Communication

Corporate Communications

Galapagos National Park

Design, copywriting and presentation material to communicate, educate and promote institutional and project undertakings.


Throughout my tenure as Head of Communication for the Spanish Government’s Araucaria XXI project at the Galapagos National Park, I regularly wrote, designed and produced communication material in both English and Spanish.


Head of Communications – Araucaria XXI
Galapagos National Park

Editor and Copywriter / Art Direction / Graphic Design

How does foreign aid for conservation and sustainable development work in practice? How do inter-governmental and international relations play out locally? How should good relations be forstered and project aims defined and achieved? How should its impact be measured and maximised?

These were some of the issues I was directly involved in during my three years working for the Galapagos National Park Service in the name of the Spanish government, through Araucaria XXI.


Custom documents, designed specifically for each occasion and for maximum clarity.

Araucaria XXI is the brand of the Spanish Government’s biodiversity conservation projects through Latin America, managed through the Spanish international Aid Agency, AECID.

Spain’s aid to Galapagos dates back to 1994, with the building of its iconic environmental interpretation centre in San Cristobal island.

From 2001, the Project grew to encompass conservation and sustainable development throughout the archipelago, reaching almost every aspect of civilian life in the islands: education, tourism, farming, renewable energy, waste disposal and recycling, and a long etcetera. It had an average annual budget of around $US 800,000.


I designed and edited accountability documentation, including annual reporting which, unusually for the international aid project sector, was produced applying the highest design standards.

As Head of Communications, I was also in charge of one three main components of the project: Environmental Consciousness, which involved communication, environmental education and interpretation, and participation, and as such was directly responsible for an average annual budget of $US 140,000.

Our national counterpart was the Environment Ministry and we worked locally through the Galapagos National Park Service.


Promoting the work of any particular project in the local community is not easy, especially in an environment where many environmental and social projects operate. I designed and edited brief, attractive and accesible product which was well received and, crucially, read.

I took on a large part of the Institutional Support component of the project, helping the National Park Service and other organisations improve their profile through better communication, and continually supported the other project staff in their activities.

I was deeply involved in the stategic managing of the project as a whole, helping it gain a much more professional profile.


Aiding the Galapagos National Park’s first woman Director (R) during her presentation to Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister (L).